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Some attributes
First Breed: Pug
Second Gender: Male
Third Age: 4 months
Other attributes
Fourth Birthplace: Blicksen City

Overview Edit

Adrian is a 4 month old pug puppy and the main protagonist of the series.

Role in the story Edit

Adrian lives with his owner, April in a very mellow, dog friendly neighborhood. On one of his routine trips to the "Pant and Wag" dog park, he meets Blaze, a pup who is training to become a police dog. One day, a troublemaker named Francisco sneaks into his yard and gives him a lesson in jumping fences. Adrian joins him on a wild adventure in the city, before they are both caght and taken to a dog pound. Luckily, Adrian meets three dogs, Sadie, Gubu and Bob, who have a complex escape plan. However, all three of them end up getting dragged away. Adrian and the other dogs are eventually recued by Sadie's pack, along with Bali and Blaze. He is reunited with his owner. 

Physical Appearence Edit

Adrian is a small, wrinkly pug with short, beige-colored fur. He has large, expressive dark red eyes that bring out his face. Adrian can usually be seen smiling with his eyes sparkling. Since he is still young, his ears and paws are quite large. Adrian has a stubby tail that curls over his back.

Personality Edit

Adrian is an innocent and adorable young dog, but also a bit naiive. He sees the good in all people/dogs and will trust anyone as his friend. Adrian is adventurous and bold, but also very sheltered. Although a stray dog's life seems cool to him, he has never ventured outside of his safe nieghborhood. Adrian is known to use slang words such as "ya'll" and "ain't", suggesting that he has a slight southern accent.

Relationships Edit

Adrian's best friend is Blaze. He loves his owner and learns to appreciate her more after his experiences at the pound. He forms a close bond with Sadie and her group of friends. Shiro looks after him as well. He still cares about Francisco, even though the dog caused him to get caught, escaped, and left him alone in the pound.

Quotes Edit

"I ain't afraid of no dogcatcher!"-(Vol. 1 chap. 3 page 3)