Overview Edit

April (bored)
Some attributes
First Gender: Female
Second Age: 35
Third Occupation: Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Dog: Adrian
Fifth Birthplace: Blicksen City, U.S.
April is Adrian's easygoing owner. She lives a solitary life with the pug as her only companion. While most believe she is crazy, she seems to be completely happy with this life.


Role in the story: Being Adrian's Owner Edit

April and Adrian have a happy, relaxing lifestyle.Every afternoon, the two enjoy going to a neighborhood dog park known as the "Pant and Wag". On one of these days, she meets Moe, Blaze's owner. They both find it adorable that their two dogs are becoming friends.

April catches Francisco as he tries to teach Adrian to jump over his fence.(Which is extremely tall for a pug) Quite comically, she chases him away with a broom. Then, she jokingly calls Adrian a "Lousy Watchdog" for not attacking the intruder himself. One day, April is visited by her sister, Ellen, and her three year old son, Julius. She is then forced to watch the child and listen to her sister's marriage lectures. During this time, Adrian is off having an adventure and then getting caught with Francisco. Hours later, April is clearly bored out of her mind. She decides to bring her pet dog in the house. She steps outside, only to find that Adrian is missing. Moe pulls up minutes later and asks if she has seen his dog, Blaze, who is also missing. Believing that the two pups are together somewhere, they team up to look for them. Late that night, they are eventually found deep in the city. April is very upset with her puppy.

Physical Appearance Edit

April is a young woman who appears to be in her only 30s. She has short black hair and an expressive face. Her nationality is not specified. April is usually seen wearing a T- shirt or something loose and comfortable. She also wears earrings from time to time.

Personality Edit

April is an easygoing, modest young woman. She enjoys her solitary lifestyle, as she believes that Adrian is all she needs. At times, she can be moody, but this is usually when someone is annoying her. She has a good sense of humor and is surprisingly social. She is a good person with a kind heart.

Trivia Edit

She is loosely based on the author's 5th grade teacher.