Some attributes
First Breed: German Shepherd
Second Sex: Male
Third Age: 7 months
Other attributes
Fourth Birthplace: Blicksen City
Fifth Family or owners: Maxwell (father) Moe and Joe(owners)

Overview Edit

Blaze is a young German Shepherd. He's Adrian's best friend from puppyhood and former next door neighbor. He's the son of the veteran police dog, Maxwell.

Role in the Series Edit

When Blaze was a pup, he and Adrian lived in the same neighborhood. The two met one day at a dog park and became friends quickly. During that time, his owner, Moe had him enrolled in a special police dog training program for puppies. He would spend long hours training and becoming stronger, so that he would one day work alongside Joe, Moe's twin brother, and his father. On a day like this, Adrian goes on and adventure of his own with Francisco, and is taken by the dog pound. Blaze hears about this and hurries to track him down, assisted by Bali. They meet a group of strays at the pound. Although reluctant at first, Blaze works together with them to free his best friend and the other dogs. After that experience, Blaze leaves the neighborhood to become a real police dog.

Physical Appearence Edit

Blaze's colouration is odd for a German shepherd. His fur is mostly reddish and dark brown. As a pup, he was very scruffy. His right ear was folded over while his left ear stood erect on his head. He also had big paws.

Personality Edit

Blaze appears to be a shy, calm young dog. He is very serious and disciplined, making him a nearly perfect police dog. He's very brave, often running into dangerous situations without thinking of his own safety.

Relationships Edit

As a pup, Blaze had taken his friendship with Adrian very seriously. He is fiercely loyal toward everyone he cares about. He loves his father, Maxwell, and dreams of becoming like him someday. Blaze is somewhat prejudiced against strays, but after meeting kind dogs like Shiro, and being scolded by Bali, his opinions change. (slightly)

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