Bob in color with Gubu shown behind him
Some attributes
First Breed: Black and tan coonhound
Second Gender: Male
Third Age: 3 years
Other attributes
Fourth Birthplace: unknown

Overview Edit

Bob is a black and tan coonhound and one of Sadie's closest friends and partners.

Role in the Series Edit

Bob is part of the trio which includes himself, Gubu, and Sadie. They stay together all the time. It is possible that he and Gubu met Sadie when she first came to the pound. They became her followers after hearing about her escape plan and her relationship with the pack of strays. Bob is skeptical about the plan at first. This becomes clear after the trio meets Adrian. All three of them are sent away from the pound for some unknown reason, and Sadie trusts Adrian with executing her plan.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is a sleek black hound with floppy ears and tan markings above his eyes and around his muzzle. He also has dark green eyes. Bob's long tail is usually erect or wagging.

Personality Edit

Bob is a witty and intelligent dog. He is the second most mature of the three. Bob is also very polite, charismatic, and proper.

Relationships Edit

Bob is very close with both Gubu and Sadie. It is clear that he has some history with them.