* This is an article about an extra chapter in Adrian and Blaze vol 1. It takes place directly after the final chapter in volume 1, Saving Adrian.

All Through The Night (Extra Chapter)
Vital statistics
Author Peyton Mitchell
Illustrator Peyton Mitchell
Published on December 21, 2015
Published by Self Published
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Chapter 6: Saving Adrian (End of Vol. 1) Adrian and Blaze Vol. 2

Synopsis Edit

After Adrian, Blaze, and their guardian, Bali, escape the pound, the pack of strays that helped them continues with their own mission. They must get all of the rescued dogs to a secure place and continue to search for their long, lost comrade, Sadie. Among the strays, no one is more fired up than Orak, who wants very badly to find her. Shiro is chosen by his feline boss, Yodis, to help Orak while he takes care of the other dogs. However, the dogs are more comfortable around their fellow canine and thus, the two are forced to switch roles. Shiro leads his pack of dogs to the group's territory, a bridge. Once there, they begin to ask him about Orak's strange behavior and his obsession with finding Sadie. Shiro tells them that Orak and Sadie have always been close, like siblings, but there was no known romantic bond between them. Suddenly, a shadowy figure emerges from under the bridge, followed by two more curious dogs. Shiro is shocked, but very happy to see Sadie and her companions, Gubu and Bob. As they take the rest of the dogs under the bridge with them, Shiro expresses his own feelings of concern for her. He also tells her about his and Orak's confusion when they heard the strange "other dog's voice" echoing from the pound. Sadie explains to him that Adrian was the one they heard howling because she and her friends had been recaptured by the dog pound workers. Shiro is physically exhausted, but refuses to rest because he knows Orak and Yodis are still looking for her. The retriever mix forces him to lie down. Meanwhile, Orak continues to sniff around the city for Sadie with Yodis behind him. The cat sees how paranoid he is and when asked about it, Orak states that he was never used to being separated from Sadie. He blames himself for her being captured because he failed to protect her. Sadie then howls into the fleeting night, making the water spaniel go into a frenzy. He and Yodis race off to follow the sound. Back at the bridge, Sadie, Gubu, and Bob tell the story of how they escaped the pound and made it back to the territory. Sadie tells them that she pulled an "old trick" using the leashes, causing the humans to lose control of her and her friends. Once she finishes the story, a wide-awake Shiro asks her why she would just leave the rest of the responsibility to a puppy like Adrian. Slightly annoyed, she simply says that she had faith in the pug and that she didn't want to risk going back to the pound. The sun begins to rise and just over the horizon, Orak and Yodis appear. Orak and Sadie hug upon seeing each other and Yodis praises Shiro for his good work. The sky turns even brighter as the pack reflects on the events of the previous night. Yodis also talks about securing the future of his pack by avoiding humans. After all is said and done Sadie continues to acknowledge Adrian as the true hero, believing that he is the one they all owe their freedom to. The rest of the dogs can't wait to meet him.

Characters (In order of appearance) Edit

  1. Orak
  2. Yodis
  3. Shiro
  4. Shiba
  5. Tilly
  6. Rick
  7. Gus
  8. Doc
  9. Sadie
  10. Bob
  11. Gubu
  12. Dan
  13. Dog pound lady 1
  14. Adrian (mentioned)