Overview Edit

Francisco 2
Some attributes
First Breed: Ibizan Hound
Second Gender: Male
Third Age: 4 years
Other attributes
Fourth Birthplace: Spain

Francisco is a troublemaking Ibizan hound who appears for the first time in chapter 2. He gives Adrian a brief lesson on jumping fences, which leads to the pug's escape. He is actually a pet dog that was seperated from his owner and decided to live as a stray.

Role in the Story Edit

Francisco leaps over a tall fence and into Adrian's yard. He claims that he is looking for food, but soon takes pity on the sad and lonely pug. He tries to teach Adrian to jump fences and promises to show him "the outside world". Before he can finish the lesson, however, he is chased off by Adrian's owner, April.

Francisco reappears in chapter 3 after Adrian successfully escapes from the yard. He demonstrates the art of stealing from humans as he snatches a grocery bag from a man at the "Jiffy Mart". The man, named Lion Guy, chases the two dogs before they eventually find shelter in an alley. The groceries turn out to be chocolate chip cookies, which are poisonous to dogs. Adrian remarks that there are safer ways to get food and Francisco agrees. He decides to dig through a dumpster for food instead. Adrian is pleased when his teacher throws him a chicken leg. After they eat, Francisco decides to demonstrate territory marking. But before he can, the city dog pound sneaks up on them. Francisco urges Adrian to run and they take off. Another dog pound vehicle comes straight toward them. Francisco attempts to escape by leaping into traffic but he ends up getting snatched by the dogcatcher's loop pole. Defenseless Adrian also gets caught. It is soon revealed that Lion Guy had called the dogcatchers on them. Both dogs are taken on a scary ride to the pound. Francisco is then seen a few scenes later with scars on his side. According to Sadie, he had tried to jump the barbed wire fence, injuring himself in the process. He is then dragged away to "The room". Minutes later, he escapes and races off. He makes it far from the pound but collapses from his injuries. Francisco is then found and taken to a vet by a strange man. He blacks out, and appears to die, but soon finds himself on a vet's examination table with bandages around him. Francisco learns that the man that found him is his long lost owner. The two are happily reunited.

Physical Appearence Edit

Francisco is a very tall, slender Ibizan hound with long legs, a long tail, and very large ears. He is mostly white with red patches covering his back and face. He wears a brown collar.

Personality Edit

Francisco is a troublemaker and very sneaky. He seems to know a lot about being a stray dog and surviving on the streets. However, the dangerous decisions he makes suggest that he is inexperienced. Francisco is very agile and an extremely fast runner. These traits are characteristics of his breed. Francisco speaks with a Spanish accent. He uses the word "basurero" as he teaches Adrian about trash. He never calls Adrian by his name but instead calls him "perrito", which means "puppy" or "little dog".

Trivia Edit

The scene in chapter 2 where Francisco teaches Adrian to jump fences is based on something that really occurred in the author, Peyton Mitchell's life. An unknown neighborhood dog tried to teach Peyton's lab, Patrick to jump his fence. Patrick hesitated while the strange dog jumped in and out of the yard. Peyton's mother ended up chasing the dog off.