Officer Joseph Washington
Some attributes
First Age: Mid 30s
Second Gender: male
Third Race: African American
Other attributes
Fourth Profession: K-9 police officer
Fifth Family: Moe (twin brother)
Sixth K-9 partner: Blaze

Overview Edit

Officer Joseph Washington, or simply "Joe", is one of the most important human characters in Adrian and Blaze. He and his twin brother, Moe, work together to train the young German shepherd, Blaze. Eventually, Blaze becomes his partner.

Role in the Series Edit

Joe is a K-9 police officer in need of a new partner, as mentioned in volume 1. He has developed a new police-dog training program for puppies, and Blaze is one of the first dogs he uses to test it. Young Blaze is being kept by his twin brother, Moe. The two work together to develop his skills. When Blaze graduates from the program, he is sent away to live at the police k-9 academy with some of the other trainees and his father. Joe and Blaze will develop a strong bond, and with the help of his new partner, Blaze may become a great police dog.

Physical Appearance Edit

Joe is a middle-aged, balding African American male. He is often seen wearing a police officer's uniform or a suit. Sometimes, he wears a baseball cap.

Personality Edit

Joe is devoted to his job as a K-9 police officer. He is disciplined and firm with the dogs he trained. He is still very fond of Blaze, and even gets distracted from petting him in one scene.

Quotes Edit