Overview Edit

Lion Guy
Lion guy
Some attributes
First Age: Unknown
Second Gender: Male
Third Species: Human
Other attributes
Fourth Race: African American
Lion Guy is a very minor character in Adrian and Blaze Vol. 1. In Chapter 3, he has his groceries stolen by Francisco and Adrian.

Role in the Story Edit

Lion Guy is jumped by Francisco in the parking lot of "Jiffy Mart". The Ibizan hound snatches his bag of groceries and runs off with Adrian. Lion Guy chases them and tries to catch them, but they are too fast. Little do they (or the readers) know that he has actually called the pound on the two dogs. After Adrian and Francisco are captured, he can be seen shaking Dan's hand and thanking him.

Quotes Edit

"Stupid dog! I'll kill you!"- Lion Guy to Francisco (Ch. 3 p.4)

Trivia Edit

Lion Guy is named for his hair.