Overview Edit

Some attributes
First Breed: German Shepherd
Second Gender: Male
Third Age: 7 years
Other attributes
Fourth Family or Owners: Blicksen city P.D.(owners) Blaze(son)
Fifth Mate:(unknown)

Maxwell is a 7 year old veteran police dog. He is also Blaze's father.

Role in the Story: Edit

Maxwell appears for the first time in chapter 2, calling for Bali. He is preparing for the arrival of his son, Blaze, who is training to become a police dog. Maxwell asks Bali to look after the other, older trainees while he goes to help Blaze. Bali reluctantly agrees. Maxwell gives Blaze some fatherly advice which helps the young pup to complete his first tracking exercise.

Maxwell returns in chapter 4, where he can be seen, watching Blaze as he completes an agility course. Joe, Blaze's partner-to-be is impressed by Blaze's ability and claims that the pup is "Better than his father!". Instead of being proud of his son, Maxwell is offended. When Blaze heres the news about Adrian's incarceration, Maxwell tries to stop him from rescuing his friend. He believes that Adrian deserves to be punished for his own stupid mistakes. Blaze is obviously angry after hearing this and asks what his father would do if he was taken to a pound. Maxwell says nothing. When Blaze leaves to track down Adrian, a seemingly cold Maxwell refuses to help him. In his eyes, this is just Blaze's way of showing him that he is no longer a pup. Bali goes after him instead.

Physical Appearence Edit

Maxwell is a large, muscular German shepherd with silver and black fur. He has a dark muzzle, with a mole near each corner of his mouth, and black, rectangular marks around his eyes.He is almost always wearing a police dog's vest and collar. Maxwell is known for having a grumpy look in which he frowns with his bottom jaw poking out. This look is called the "Maxwell face".

Personality Edit

Maxwell is a very pompous, disciplined police dog. Being a much older and wiser K-9, he is respected by both humans and other dogs. Maxwell can be very mean and grumpy, believing that it is his right to order everyone around. It is clear that he loves his son,even though he can be quite cold sometimes. He wants Blaze to become a brave police dog someday(as long as he does not become better than him).