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Some attributes
First Breed: Irish Water Spaniel
Second Gender: Male
Third Age: 3 years
Other attributes
Fifth Family/owners: Sadie (litter mate)

Orak is a tough Irish Water Spaniel, and a supporting character in the series.


Role in the Series Edit

Orak is a top member of a group of stray dogs led by Yodis, a cat. As the group works to save one of their friends, Sadie, from the pound, they are joined by Blaze and Bali, who are looking to save Adrian as well. Although reluctant at first, he ends up working with them and even defeats the pound's guard dog, Ward. After everyone has made it out, Orak goes on a rampage, trying to find Sadie. Yodis tries to calm him down, but the spaniel does not want to hear it. He says that he and Sadie had promised to stay together at all costs. They really are litter mates. In the end, he finds that Sadie, Gubu, and Bob had escaped and made it to their territory. He's overjoyed.


Physical Appearance Edit

Orak is a large dog that is covered in fluffy, curly fur. He has floppy ears, a dark brown nose and yellow eyes. He is somewhat scary in appearance. His fur is liver- brown in color. Orak has a scruffy beard under his chin and some visible whiskers.

Personality Edit

Orak is very stoic and serious most of the time. He takes his mission seriously and is very reliable. He is also a very loyal friend, but it takes a while for him to trust those he does not know. He is shown to be aggressive, short tempered, and a merciless fighter. The softer side of him can best be seen when he is around Sadie or even Shiro. He is also a skilled digger.

Relationships Edit

Orak and Shiro are very close friends, however, nothing compares to the bond he shares with Sadie. He obeys and follows Yodis, but will challenge him from time to time. It is revealed that he has known Sadie since they were very young. They grew up together like siblings.

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Orak has had his name changed 3 times.