Overview Edit

Some attributes
First Breed: Golden retriever/Collie mix
Second Sex: Female
Third Age: 4 years
Other attributes
Fourth Birthplace: Blicksen City

Sadie is a brave golden retriever mix that Adrian meets in the pound. She and her companions, Bob and Gubu plot their strategic escape.

Role In The Series Edit

When Adrian tries to jump the dog pound's barbed wire fence, Sadie leaps in and saves him. She introduces Adrian to her friends,Gubu and Bob and explains her complex escape plan to him. Before Sadie was taken to the pound, she ran with a group of strays that lived under a highway. Ever since she had been caught, she communicated in secret with close friends, Shiro and Orak. When the time came, Sadie would listen for Shiro's call and respond with a long, loud, howl. Then, the pack would move in and free the dogs. This would have to be done at night, when most of the humans have gone home. Everything seems to be in place until Sadie, Bob and Gubu are suddenly sent away. Luckily, Sadie gives Adrian the instruction needed to carry out the plan before she disappears.

Physical Appearence Edit

Sadie is a large golden retriever/collie mix or, "Gollie". She has long, creamy yellow fur and folded ears that sit upon her head. Her eyes are light brown.

Personality Edit

Sadie is both physically and mentally strong. She's also very tough. Despite this, she does occasionally show a softer side. The same goes for her friend, Gubu.

Quotes Edit

"That's barbed wire, you idiot!"- Chapter 4 (vol. 1)