Overview Edit

Shiro is a Shikoku-Ken from Japan. He's one of the major supporting characters in the series and a member of Sadie's pack.

Role In The Story Edit

Shiro is one of the many supporting characters in Adrian and Blaze. He and his close friends, Orak the Irish water spaniel, and Yodis the cat are joined by Blaze and Bali as they work to release Adrian and several other dogs from the pound. Shiro protects Blaze the entire time and gets everyone out of the pound before it is swallowed up by a sinkhole. After Adrian returns home, Shiro leads the pack of dogs to his group's territory while Orak and Yodis search for Sadie.The younger dogs have grown fond of him. He is surprised to see that Sadie and her friends are already there. Exhausted, he listens to the story of their escape.

Physical Appearence Edit

Shiro is a medium sized dog. He bears resemblance to a fox. His fur is a light greyish brown with tan markings on his face and white markings on his legs, underside and muzzle. His most noticeable characteristic is his bushy white tail which curls over his back. He's a young dog with bright, expressive brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Shiro is very friendly and polite, even playful at times. However, he intensely serious and focused as well. A typical Shikoku dog, he has keen senses, and powerful instincts, as well as a distinct, unusual sounding howl. Shiro is emotionally sensitive and very modest.

Relationships Edit

Shiro gets along well with his pack mates, although he spends a lot of time alone. He is very close with Orak, and something of a little brother to Sadie. Shiro is fiercely loyal to his pack's leader, Yodis the cat, whom he calls "Boss." He is kind and caring toward most puppies including Blaze, and later, Adrian.

Quotes Edit

"I'm no one's hero. I reacted to something that seemed dangerous. Any dog could have done that."- Chapter 6 pg. 9, after being called a hero by the others.

"My name is Shiro. That is, if you don't remember..."- To Adrian in vol. 2 Chapter 1