Overview Edit

Some attributes
First Breed: Great Dane
Second Gender: Male
Third Age: 5 years
Other attributes
Fourth Birthplace: Blicksen City, U.S.
Fifth Family or owners: Dan (Owner)

Ward is a large, arrogant Great Dane who is owned by the dogcatcher, Dan. He is mean to Adrian and the other dogs in the pound.

Official Backstory Edit

Ward was just the same as any other stray dog. He was caught disturbing the peace in a neighborhood and taken to the pound. After being in there for a few weeks, a decision to put the dog to sleep was made. However, the dog pound's owner, Dan, liked Great Danes. He spared the dog's life and allowed him to stay in the pound as his pet. Ward became fiercely loyal to his master.

Role in the Story Edit

Ward first appears in chapter 3 of the graphic novel. He asserts his authority over the other dogs and promises to kill anyone who tries to escape. When asked about Francisco by Adrian, Ward hints slightly at the Ibizan hound's unfortunate situation. He then slips away into darkness. Ward makes another appearence in chapter 4,where he listens to Sadie's conversation. A few minutes later, Sadie and her friends are taken away. When Adrian tries to run after them, Ward attacks him. After this incident, Adrian is put back in his cage and Ward continues his day. When Blaze and his allies arrive at the pound, Ward attacks once again. Luckily, Bali and Orak intervene. Bali recognizes him. Orak interrogates the Great Dane, who refuses to give up any information regarding Adrian or Sadie. Ward calls Orak "Poodle boy", which is insulting. Orak then bites down harder on Ward's neck and nearly kills him. Ward gives a loud yelp and his owner, Dan comes running to his aid. When he sees the injured dog, he throws him over his back and drives him home. It is unknown what becomes of him.

Physical Appearence Edit

Ward is a large, muscular Great Dane with sleek black fur. He wears a spiked collar and an almost permanent smug expression. Ward has a wrinkly forehead and dangling jowls at the mouth. When attacking, he looks like a monster with gaping jaws.

Personality Edit

Much like his owner, Dan, Ward believes that it is his job to keep stray dogs, whom he calls "Scumbags" in line. He is very arrogant and nasty, even aggressive. In most situations, he looks intimidating, but he is really a coward. He's a bully who would rather pick on smaller dogs, and otherwise a weak fighter. Ward does a pitiful job of defending himself when he fights Bali and Orak. He is spoiled and loved greatly by his owner but hated by most, if not all dogs.