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Some attributes
First Species: Cat (Russian Blue mix)
Second Gender: Male
Third Age: 5 years
Other attributes
Fourth Birthplace: Blicksen City, U.S.
Yodis is the feline leader of a group of stray dogs. His followers are extremely loyal and devoted to him.

Role in the Story Edit

Although he is the group's leader, Yodis is actually a minor character. He is in charge of the mission to rescue the imprisoned dogs, but he sits back, not saying much while Orak, Shiro, Bali and Blaze do all the work. He is shown helping the dogs open cages toward the end, however.

Physical Appearance Edit

Yodis is an adult, mixed breed, shorthaired cat. He has gray fur, greenish yellow eyes, a pink nose and white snout.

Personality Edit

Yodis is a firm, charismatic leader. He is clearly dominant over his canine followers, who listen to him unconditionally. Despite this, he is really kind and generous at heart.

Relationships Edit

Yodis is very close with his followers, especially Sadie and Shiro. Orak is loyal to him, but not always willing to listen. They often get into small fights.

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Trivia Edit

Yodis is designed and named after a real cat, which lives at an animal hospital in Maryland.